Supply Chain Management


Supply Chain Management

We seek the right balance between effectiveness & efficiency

Supplying your humanitarian operations with the right product at the right cost in a timely manner is the daily challenge of your supply chain manager.

We believe that an inter-organization joint purchasing strategy can reduce costs through economies of scale while saving time for your teams.

Collective buying, central purchasing structure, grouped call for tender and many others models already tried & tested in the private sector offer many advantages.

We can analyze your needs and take into account supply & logistics constraints of your countries of intervention to offer you the best alternative.


Carrying your inputs closer to your beneficiaries is sometimes expensive and not easy to organize.

Seeking for appropriate trucks in a poor and not maintainted fleet of commercial vehicles then contracting, optimizing the loading and tracking is time-consuming & costly.

Inter-organization collaboration in the field of transport is one of the main levers of economy of scale and time saving for your logistics teams.

Contracted, sub-contracted, pooled with other organisations. Depending on the emergency of the situation, we'll find the adequate delivering process for your operations.


Managing the storage of your goods, monitoring of inputs & outputs, conducting steady physical inventories, securing & cleanliness of your warehouses, managing daily workers constitute a significant cost item.

We believe that the pooling of storage between organizations is a proven vector of effectiveness & efficiency.

Joint management of the storage of humanitarian goods facilitates the work of logisticians, allows to recruit dedicated & skilled resources.

Your inputs are managed optimally, loans & donations of materials between organizations is facilitated, resulting in fewer losses and dead stocks.

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