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Fleet Management

This cost item represents 5 to 10% of the overall expenses in the humanitarian aid sector.

In some areas such as Central Africa, 4WD rentals are very expensive (sometimes above $2,000 per month) and vehicles are often in very bad shape.

We propose to help you optimize your vehicles fleet through in-depth analysis of your spending: # of cars, fuel consumption, drivers, spare parts, leasing, purchase, garage, amortization, etc.

We are confident that proper fleet management helps reduce costs while increasing efficiency.


Electrical installations, equipments and devices in countries where humanitarian aid is deployed are often in very poor condition.

It is very unsual to find personal protective devices such as RCCB | RCBO | MCB on electrical networks.

As a result, many incidents occur due to faulty electrical systems and/or lack of appropriate protective devices.

Our technicians will inspect the electrical networks of your premises, set up appropriate protective devices and size your generator set by calculating your energy requirement.


Laptops, Internet access, networks & management software are now a prerequisite for a deployment of coordinated assistance & successful supply chain.

Equipment is sometimes available in the countries of intervention but the quality of the user support is often poor or non-existent at all.

Our technicians will provide you with timely & quality online user support for your hardware issues (computer | network) & your office automation software.


The means of communication are essential in contexts where security is volatile. Landline or mobile networks rarely cover the entire country and are often targeted during periods of insecurity.

HF & VHF radio systems & satellite devices help you stay in touch with your teams working in remote areas whatever the situation.

We can setup & program HF & VHF radios and provide you with online user support for radio & satellite issues.

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