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We believe that the Supply Chain is the backbone of Humanitarian Aid

In today’s international humanitarian operations, Supply Chain average expenditures are around 70% of the total response.

In this very particular context of humanitarian financing gap, broadly discussed during the first World Humanitarian Summit in 2016, we believe humanitarian logisticians and supply chain managers have a key role to play.

No matter what your core activity is ; medical, agricultural, protection, water, sanitation, hygiene, etc. ; as an international organisation, you’ll need to purchase goods and/or services, ship & store your medical, water & sanitation equipments, food or non-food items closer to the populations in need.

You’ll also need to manage and maintain your IT equipments, your fleet vehicles, the power and water supply in your offices and guest houses.

Logistics & supply chain require a full range of technical and managerial skills that generate significant costs and strong effort to identify skilled and available talents.

Pooling logistics’ needs of organisations working in a same geographical area, then sharing quality equipments, dedicated resources and proven skills will increase efficiency while reducing structural costs of your operations.

Log Initiative offers a full range of logistics & supply chain services to help you achieve your operational objectives.

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